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The Perfect Combination for

Amazing Care

" Companion is great!  My daughters wanted me to start wearing a medical alert pendant.  I told them both that I love them -- but absolutely NO WAY would I wear one of those.  That's when we found Companion which is completely voice activated.  
Now I talk to Alexa every day and I am protected at home... Invisibly!" 
Margie C.

Engaging 24/7 Caregiving and Companionship Solutions that Deliver Peace of Mind to You & Your Family

3 New Services For Caregiving


Expand Your Care:  

From part-time coverage to a 24/7 solution. 

3X Faster: 

Connect to an urgent response operator in 8 seconds (on average) versus 30 seconds or more for most panic buttons.

83% More Reliable:  

Then traditional wearable panic buttons that users forget or refuse to wear.

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Freedom & Peace of Mind for You.

Simple and easy to use ... all they need is their voice!


Set Reminders for Medication or

Doctor Appointments


Play games, listen to music or audio books - have fun!


Make calls or send messages


Each Amazon Echo Covers 1,000 sq/ft*


Multiple Units offer

Whole House Coverage



*WiFi Included with all our systems.




Daily care calls with automatic updates to family and caregivers.

Schedule a care call for your loved ones each day, at a convenient time, and an automated update will be sent via email to you, caregivers or any authorized recipient that has been approved.

How it Works...

Customer Care will make a personal daily care call at a preset time. We ensure that all is well or find out if there is an issue.

We forward that information to you and t

he caregivers as requested.


Increased independence and peace of mind
for you and your family.

Try it today – Risk Free!
Let us bring Alexa to you & show you what she can do!

"Love it! We are so grateful to Companion.  
You solved our worry of Mom living at home alone. 
Such an amazing service!"
Blade F.

why your loved one will love it

It's Invisible


No more stigma of wearing a pendant or alarm!


Meanwhile, you get the peace of mind that they are always able to get help when they need it most.

Easy to Use...

Just 3 Steps!


Step 1​

Simply say "Alexa, call for help!" either at home or to their smartphone

Step 2

Instantly connects to one of our Urgent Response Agents via 2-way voice, 24/7

Step 3

Get the help needed to your loved one via the pre-arranged plan you agreed upon (EMS, neighbor, family friend)

It's Customizable


The older someone gets, the more freedom they feel is taken away from them. They hate being fussed over and often feel talked down to.


With Companion, your whole family can sit down and decide on different responses for different scenarios.

It's A True Companion


Loneliness is often a reality when a loved one lives alone. They start to withdraw and stop trying new things. Sometimes, they can go a whole day without speaking to someone.

With Companion & Alexa always a word away, they can feel safe and really get into using their Alexa. They can add interactive apps, play music, even have recipes read aloud to them while they cook. It's a comforting voice that carries with it the comfort of knowing they are not alone.

Try it today – Risk Free!
Let us bring Alexa to you & show you what she can do!


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