Get Two (2) Amazon Echo Dots & Professional 24/7 Monitoring


  Covers up to 2,000 Square Feet

Companion Standard is the most popular package for first time subscribers. 


This single piece system includes:

  • Two (2) Amazon Echo Dots (with Alexa) capable of hearing and speaking to you throughout your home from as far as 50 feet away from each device. Comes in both white or black.

  • Connection to 2-way emergency help 24/7 is automatic, just with the sound of your voice. 

  • Thousand of Free apps called "Skills" ranging from a Virtual Nurse to Audio Books, News, Music and more..

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Features & Benefits

Companion provides the feeling and reality of security at home.  With a simple voice command, you'll quickly be connected to our Response Center for assistance.

No other medical alert system in the world - can give you this level of freedom.

No pendant or panic button to wear. 

Nothing to recharge - ever.


Your first responders

Our personal medical alert services give you fast, reliable access to trained, US-based, response agents 24/7 activated with just your voice.  The Companion - Call for Help service can be used in any emergency: Fire, Medical or if you are simply locked out of your house.  Fast, affordable and reliable.

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breakthrough innovation

Companion works with Amazon Alexa,  your very own digital personal assistant.  Not only can she hear you clearly (even over music or the TV to "Call for Help" she has thousands of free Apps called "Skills" that can improve your life in every area from: Health, News, Entertainment and connecting with friends (or making new ones).

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personalized services

Maintain control of your life and choose how you or your parents are helped in an emergency - by a neighbor, a loved one, a caregiver, or emergency services.  You can set up an Action Plan with us when you enroll in any of the Companion monitored security programs.  Alexa and our team are there for you - 24/7.

trusted & proven

The team at Companion have 25+ years of experience and are 5 Diamond Rated by CSAA, A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau and protect more than 140,000 families 24/7.  Our solutions are rigorously tested and UL Certified  to give you and your loved ones the piece of mind you deserve.

Unmatched Technical Specs


2-Way Voice Communication 

Connect to our Emergency Response Center on average within 6 to 8 seconds.

Dual Path: Wifi or Cellular

No phone line needed.  Connect to Emergency Response via Wifi or cellular connection. (Dual path redundancy for added safety)

7 Microphones per Echo Device

Far-field Technology noise reduction is state of the art (hears over loud music or TVs).

Easy Installation

Just plug it in and turn it on.  Simple step-by-step instructions, or ask about our professional installation service.

No Batteries Required

Plug it in and forget it.  Additional battery back-up in case of power outage available.

Automatic System Testing

Set a daily reminder (or as often as you want) and Alexa will give you automatic check-ins.


"I'm a believer."

"My mom refused to wear one of those "old-fashioned" medical alert pendants.  You know, with the big "panic button" on it.   She said they looked ugly.  I got her one, but she just left it on the night stand - which made it useless.  But she loves talking to Alexa, and now I know she is truly protected 24/7!"

~ Pete (Florida)

 "Companion is a lifesaver!"

"My mom wants to live at home alone where she raised by my three brothers and sisters, but we were worried about her.  Not any more.  Listen to what mom has to say about Companion and Amazon Alexa."  

  ~ Blade  (Oregon)


"Living safe and independent."

"My dad is getting older and lives alone.  I was worried and the options seemed to be an adult living facility or a nurse at home.  But my dad didn't want either.  Then we discovered Companion that works with Amazon Alexa.  This was the perfect solution.  Dad isn't ever alone anymore.  He's safe and he loves it!"

~ Michelle (Tennessee)

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30-day, risk-free trial to get 24/7 protection for less than $1 per day

(No equipment to buy, just one low monthly service fee - everything you need is included.)

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