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Companion medical alert system

Companion works with the artificial intelligence in Amazon Alexa.  The devices (called Echo) come in a variety of styles, sizes and colors to fit into your lifestyle and home decor.  Each Echo unit has seven (7) Far-field Technology microphones that can hear your voice clearly from across the room, even over loud music or TVs.  Our system can auto-dial our emergency monitoring center 24/7 responding just to the sound of your voice.

Simply say, "Alexa, Call for Help" and instantly talk to our specially trained operators via 2-way voice.  They will assess your situation and get you the help you need.   No pendant or panic button of any type to wear.  Nothing to recharge - ever.  And most importantly, the peace of mind knowing that you are protected 24/7 with our 5 Diamond Rated, UL Approved Emergency Monitoring.

Companion 24/7 Emergency Monitoring Only

Professional 24/7 Monitoring: 

Have your own Amazon Echo device(s)?

Companion professional monitoring converts your Amazon Alexa into a powerful Medical Alert system.  Connection to 2-way emergency help 24/7 is automatic, just with the sound of your voice.  Simply say, "Alexa, Call for Help" to be automatically connected to our professional emergency monitoring center. 


100% U.S. based

emergency response agents

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