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 And Grow Your  Own Virtual Care Waiting Room!

We Will Market 24/7 Virtual Care

We know you are busy, so we do all the work. With our proven voice and video smart home systems, we provide Care That's Always There - 24/7.  Get reporting back to you with updates.


Earn 10% Revenue Share on Sales

Receive income (10% revenue share) on monthly virtual care sales. We do all the work. We cover the costs, and you make money. We listened, and we made it - Simple!


Grow Future Home Care Clients

Perhaps this prospect was not quite ready to start home care services, but wanted a "Plan" for peace of mind.  With our Companion Smart Home Solution or Daily Care Calls, you can be the one to be notified when their wellness journey makes a change, and they are ready to start home care now. Business intelligence from your very own Virtual Care "Waiting Room!"


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